The Celestial Church of Christ, Central Parish, now situated at 22, Akure Street, Area 10, Garki Abuja is the first Celestial Church that was established in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It started in an uncompleted building which now houses the Family Planning Clinic, Area 2, Section 1, Garki on 1st July, 1984 by a group of Celestians led by one Bro. Dele, an electrician. Other pioneer members are:

  • Brother (Pa) Ige, Elder Akin Oyebowale, Brother Isaiah Alabi, Brother Erico,
  • Brother (Inspector) Akinmokuro. Brother Fredrick, Brother Adewunmi,
  • Brother Jimoh, Sister Oyebowale, Sister Fredrick.


The pioneer members thereafter made efforts to acquire a permanent site and the elders applied to the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) for allocation of a piece of land. During a naming ceremony service, a visiting prophetess by name Prophetess Dairo, prophesied that the site of the Family Planning Clinic was not the location for the parish church. She pointed to the present site of the parish as the appointed abode for the church by the Holy Spirit. Surprisingly, the following day, the contractors working on the site of the Family Planning Clinic came to ask the worshipers to vacate the uncompleted building, to allow for its completion.


Brother (Pa) Ige then secured a warehouse at Area 10, Garki, Abuja where the members continued to worship under the leadership of Elder Akin Oyebowale. The warehouse originally belonged to Gatstack Construction Company. Brother (Pa) Ige met the Site Engineer of the Company at Life Camp and sought permission for the use of the warehouse. On 22nd November, 1984, Gatstack Construction Company granted the permission on the payment of N10,000.00. The following day, which was a Saturday, some members went to C.C.C. Parish II, Suleja where they collected a bell and an altar cloth from the Shepherd (Oyedokun). The acquired warehouse was then sanctified and an altar laid to the glory of God. The first Sunday service at the new premises took place on 24th November, 1984.


The process of acquiring a permanent site for the Parish started when the members were still worshiping at Area 2, Garki. After a series of efforts, a Certificate of Occupancy was eventually issued for the present site in 1995. It is pertinent to note that the group work for the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy was done during the tenure of Late Senior Evangelist Akin Oyebowale as the Shepherd-in-charge. Appreciable role was also played in securing the Certificate of Occupancy by Superior Senior Leader E. B. Olumuji, then an Assistant Director at FCDA. The Parish witnessed tremendous progress and increase in membership when some Federal Ministries and Parastatals relocated to Abuja from Lagos between 1986 – 1991. After surmounting a number of obstacles, the necessary approval was granted and the site was marked “Religious Institution” in the original Master Plan of the Federal Capital Territory.


Efforts at building a befitting church auditorium in Abuja, FCT did not materialized until 1996; when the newly posted Shepherd-in-Charge S/E S. I. Akindoyin (now Superior Evangelist) reconstituted both the Parochial and Building Committees.

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