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                              Ministry of Prophets & Prophetesses

Ministry of Prophets & Prophetesses

“Where there is no vision, the people will go astray.” Prov. 29:18

The bible contains approximately 2500 predictions about events that are future when the words were recorded or spoken. Certified Bible Research Scholars placed the number of prophecies already fulfilled at 2000.

Prophecy is what God says about the future. He is the only person who knows with absolute certainty what will happen – and He knows it all. Christians trust what God has said in the Bible – His Word – about future events. “I am God, and there is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning.” Isaiah 46:9-10

The Bible doesn’t just contain the naive predictions of aspiring fortune-teller; the Bible records what God knows will happen and what He has planned to happen. God spoke the truth through the ancient prophets of the Bible, and He is still speaking today through the prophets and prophetesses of this great Celestial Church of Christ with their prophecies happening with precise spiritual accuracy.

The prophetic glory of the ancient Israel is here with us, amazingly enriched and gloriously enlarged to greater number of members than anywhere or anytime else in History. We are richly blessed with a number of straight arrow prophets having long, medium and short range vision like Biblical, Isaiah, Micah & Jonah respectively. Prophetic Ministry is a powerful conduit through which the Lord communicates with His people. God gave His prophetic truth not just to fill our heads but also to change our hearts and straighten our expectations and ways.

From the powerful Kings to the slaves we all want to know our future, at the same time we want to make sense of past events and have guidance for the present thereby placing enormous pressure on prophets and prophetesses and rendering them, highly vulnerable. They are vulnerable to human pressure and susceptible to Satan’s manipulation and falsehood.

Because of this vulnerability and susceptibility and more importantly the doctrines of the church, prophets are subject to Shepherds.

By Celestial tenet, prophetic – ministry is complimentary to that of the Shepherds. Put more succintingly, they are under the direction of shepherds.

Some Prophets are, however, gifted also with calling as Shepherds like Paul, the Apostle of Christ. Where a prophet has these combined gifts he will be successful as a Shepherd and as a Prophet. Where this calling as a Shepherd is absent, a prophet who goes into the ministry as a Shepherd will continue to experience failure. You should be sure of your calling and stay within.


1. The head of prophet/prophetesses in any Parish is the Shepherd who may assign the role of coordination of prophets to the most Senior Prophet. It is not an elected position but appointment strictly under the prerogative of the Shepherd. He is no more than a coordinator and cannot, therefore do anything independently or implement any decision in the parish without the full approval of the shepherd. There is only one government in any parish, and that government is headed by the shepherd. All other bodies and committees , including the parochial committee are set up to assist and facilitate the smooth running of the work of the shepherd.

2. Prophets/Prophetesses are under the Shepherd who has the responsibility of guiding them, vetting their messages with discerning spirit to ensure that the message given is not a manipulation or inspiration of angels of darkness ( II Cor. 11:13-15) before it is approved.

3. It is the doctrine of the church that no message is actioned without the approval of the Shepherd.

4. Special weekly worship service for prophets and prophetesses demanding that each has a bottle of water and a candle shall be held either every Thursday night or after the Friday Service for renewed empowerment and to sharpen the arrow of prophecy. The Service shall be led by a spiritually endowed and vibrant elder of the alter who may not necessarily be a prophet. He has to be assigned by the Shepherd. Powerful words of exhortation shall also be given.

5. 4 corners robe shall only be worn after being successfully tested, confirmed, certified and authorized by the Shepherd.

6. Dreaming or receiving visions does not accord the right to wear 4-corners Sutana. You must strictly be a prophet/prophetesses prophesying on demand.

7. Once a child is 18-21 of age and is still not prophesying he/she shall change to round neck robe.

8. There shall be special yearly training and spiritual retreat for prophets and prophetesses either at the church seminary or on Circuit training method.

9. The ordinance of the church does not allow for prophesying when sermons are in progress or criss-crossing within the sanctuary to deliver messages noisily in obstruction of the solemnity of the service. You have to invite the member receiving the message out of the Sanctuary.

10. Going into trance for two-seven days by some prophets is not part of Celestial doctrine. It is alien to Celestial Church of Christ. It should be discouraged.

11. When you are converting to the line of Prophet/Prophetesses at whatever level that you may be – you will have to start from ordinary 4 corners plus 1 cross loin. At the discretion of the Pastor or his representative and depending on the quality of your prophecy, you may be upgraded.

12. When you receive a message to wear 4 corners robe for sleeping, it does not accord the right to wear it to worship Service.

13. Using blue loins in crossing the lintel of sanctuary entrance is fetish and un-doctrinal. It must be discouraged at every parish.

14. Using your home or store as a sanctuary to pray and prophesy for people is both abusive of the system and un-doctrinal .

15. Prophets are to avoid decorative and cosmetic loins. You are given loins of power and not of celebrity.

16. Prophets/prophetesses shall avoid flowery or transparent Sutana fabric that reflects the configuration of their body and also avoid sun-ray or heavy pleating when sowing their robe.

17. Metallic and flamboyant lace material shall be avoided. It is a church of God and not a forum for fashion parade.

                                                Management and Control:

  • There shall be appointed by the State Supervisor, in consultation with the State Executive Council, a State coordinator of prophets and prophetesses who shall be a dynamic, resourceful, vibrant, and respected senior prophet of repute, and proven integrity. He shall be supported by a secretary who will take Minute of meetings. The coordinator has the responsibility of coordinating the state’s prophetic activities, regular meetings of the State prophets/prophetesses and scheduling of State’s inter-parish prophetic ministry. The coordinator shall report to the State Supervisor and render his stewardship to the State Executive Council. He shall be a member of the State Executive Council.

  • There shall be appointed by the Regional Supervisor, in consultation with the Regional Executive Council, a Regional coordinator of prophets and prophetesses who shall be a dynamic, resourceful, vibrant, and respected senior prophet of repute, and proven integrity. He shall be supported by a secretary who will take Minute of meetings. The coordinator has the responsibility of scheduling meetings, retreats and workshops of the Region’s prophets/prophetesses three times a year to review the profile of the region’s prophetic ministry for correction of identified lapses and weaknesses, update the ministry’s outlook and provide developmental Training through the directorate of Training and Manpower development for the growth of the Ministry. The Regional coordinator shall report to the Regional Supervisor and render his stewardship to the Region’s Executive Council. He shall be a member of the Region’s Executive Council.

  • There shall be appointed a National/Diocesan Director of Prophets and Prophetesses by the Executive Council of the Diocese who shall be a dynamic, resourceful, vibrant, and respected senior Clergy of repute, and proven integrity with acknowledged prophetic gift. He shall be a member of the diocese’s executive council . The director shall report to the HOD and render his stewardship to the Executive Council. His qualification, responsibility, and authority are as spelled out in the bye-law. He heads the national prophetic ministry and take directives from EXCO on national, and international Initiatives, Engagements, and Co-operations.


    Ranks and Robes:

    Prophets :


     4 corners ordinary

     4 corners with 1 cross loin

     4 corners with 1 cross loin and cape — (wolijah)

     4 corners with cape and 3 cross loin without fringes — (wolider)

     4 corners with lace cape and 3 cross loin with fringes — (senior wolider)

     Everything together with blue overall — (superior wolider)


     4 corners ordinary

     4 corners with 1 cross loin

     4 corners with 1 cross loin and cape

     4 corners with cape, and 3 cross loin without fringes — (wolima)

     4 corners with lace cape and 3 cross loin with fringes — (senior wolima)

     Everything together with yellow overall — (superior wolima)

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